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Smith & Sons Renovation Franchise Opportunities Available now!


Are you a good builder? You do your best on every job, you try and leave every client satisfied, you treat your subbies well and generally do all you can do build a great renovation business.

BUT, you want more – more time, more money, more lifestyle. You know it can be done, because you see others around you succeed, but you just don’t know HOW.

So, what’s the problem?

 While builders are taught to be excellent craftsmen, many are not taught how to run a successful building business.

This means many builders are locked into working for wages for someone else or running a business that is going downhill and leaving them time and money poor, with no stable future.

Struggling with finance?

Have no time?

No idea about marketing?

Uncertain future?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Sick of being on the tools all day?
  • Losing time and money quoting projects?
  • Business bleeding money because of no systems?
  • Forever chasing leads?
  • No idea about marketing your business?
  • Always being out done by your competition?
  • No time for yourself or your family?
  • Nothing to sell when you want to retire?
  • No sustainable future plans?

You are not alone!

That’s where a Smith & Sons Renovation Franchise can help. You may not have heard of franchise opportunities in the renovation space before, but we have over 80 franchise partners across Australia and New Zealand who see the benefits of a Smith & Sons renovation franchise every day.

Smith & Sons is a franchised renovation company that was created by builders, for builders – and our mantra is to turn good builders into great business people. We only allow licensed builders (or business people partnered with a licensed builder) to be part of a Smith & Sons franchise, this ensures you belong to an elite group of people who are winning in the building game and finding solutions to the same issues you face every day.

What Our Franchisees Say

‘it worked very well for us’

‘it really helped business wise’

‘a really good Brand behind you’

So who are Smith & Sons?

Smith and Sons are the largest franchised home renovation company in Australia and New Zealand whose primary mission is to empower builders to own and run a professional home renovation business.

Our Franchisees are quality, local builders who specialise in home renovation and extensions, with a passion for seeing homes absolutely transformed and clients enjoying a lifestyle they never thought possible.

Our goal is not just to see everyone who renovates with us absolutely thrilled with their renovation, but also to see their whole life thrive because they chose to renovate with Smith & Sons.

What do you get as part of Smith & Sons?

  • The Smith & Sons Brand,
  • Effective Marketing Strategies,
  • High Impact Promotion,
  • Professional Sales Material Suite,
  • Engaging Retail Sales Model,
  • Strategic Franchise Growth Plan,
  • Extensive Training,
  • Ongoing support,
  • Preferred Supplier Agreements,
  • Easy to Use Software,
  • Informative Reporting,
  • Ongoing Passive Income,
  • Experienced Local Support Team,
  • National & International Conferences.

We need quality licensed builders who…

Are serious about working hard plus listening and learning how to build a great business.

Place a great deal of importance on the role they play in their family and community,

Are looking to get a lot more out of their business,

Want to get off the tools and run a profitable, professional building company,

Want to join forces with a team who have proven results in helping people succeed,

Are tired of the status-quo and want a whole lot more out of life!

Is this you?

We’d love to speak to you about joining the Smith and Sons family.

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